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If you transport products using pallets and want to adopt a more sustainable solution that will also reduce your costs, we produce custom made pallets suitable for your needs.


Yellow Pallet factories produce custom made pallets with the highest technical and environmental standards. The Yellow Pallets have passed all the rigorous tests conformed by standard pallets. Our current product solution is produced with blocks made from residual agri-fibres and wooden planks sourced in the region. Thus, an average pallet has approximately 28% to 32% residual agri-fibres composition and are readily available for sourcing. Contact us to inquire about sourcing Yellow Pallets in your area.



  • Yellow Pallet™ is Export-ready: ISPM-15 certified

  • Customised pallets to meet customers' needs

    • Width, length, height, wood-variety for boards and many other specs available upon request 

  • Lighter (due to lower moisture content in agri-fiber elements)

  • Equal or higher quality (vs. wooden pallets)

  • Under EU-laws classified under A2 - category and may be consigned to waste disposal centers or incineration

  • Supports over 2,2 tons per pallet (depending on specs)

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