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Should you ensemble pallets, are in the need to procure pallet blocks and want to adopt a more sustainable solution that will also reduce your costs, we produce custom made blocks suitable for your pallets.


Yellow Pallet factories produce custom made blocks with the highest technical and environmental standards. The Yellow Pallet blocks have passed all the rigorous tests conformed by standard blocks. Our blocks are readily available for sourcing. Contact us to inquire about sourcing blocks in your area.

Yellow Pallet Block.jpg


  • Yellow Pallet™ blocks are Export-ready: ISPM-15 certified

  • Customised blocks to meet customers' needs

    • Width, length, height, density (550-750 kg/m3) many other specs available upon request 

  • Lighter (due to lower moisture content in residual agri-fiber elements)

  • Equal or higher quality (vs. wooden blocks)

  • Under EU-laws classified under A2 - category and may be consigned to waste disposal centers or incineration

  • Supports over 2,2 tons per pallet (depending on pallet specs)


We don't make you standard block. We deliver a higher quality, more sustainable, highly resistant, safer and cost competitive block.


High Nail Resistance

We can deliver real wood's density or adapt it to your nails/planks needs. We make our blocks as strong as you desire

Planta Yellow Pallet-26.jpg

Guaranteed Quality

Every single one of our blocks goes through an automated quality check. As a result, you get the right specs as per your design.

Planta Yellow Pallet-18_edited.jpg

Less Prompt to Bacteria

Because we use agri-fibres and extruded them at over 130 degrees, we take bacteria out of the equation. We are ISM15 compliant.

Planta Yellow Pallet-42.jpg

Highly Resistant

A 100% biodegradable bonding process assures not only higher than average permeability, but also a highly resistant block not prompt to cracks. 

100% Sustainable

We manufacture our blocks from 100% sustainable agri-fibres coming from diverse waste streams. We contribute to the circular economy and reduce CO2 footprint.

Planta Yellow Pallet-22.jpg

Consistant Dimensions

An automated manufacturing process ensures that every block is delivered with the same dimensions and density as the previous one. Giving you stability and quality assurance.

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